Holiday Decorating - Christmas table centerpiece

It's official! The boxes have been brought into the house and ornaments unpacked.  That's when I discovered how dreadfully old and tacky some of my decorations are.  Yikes!  What was I thinking?  I bought most of them when I had my first place right out of college.  I didn't have much money so they did the job.  I was also the only one making the decisions on which ornaments to pick and what look I was going for.  Much has changed since then and now Mr. D has ideas and opinions to add to the mix.  Since we have been together our colour scheme has evolved to include apple green.  I would never have picked that colour myself but I wanted to make sure to honor Mr. D's request so apple green it was.

The time I have for decorating and all of that fun stuff is pretty limited and things just work best during little D's nap time or bedtime.  I started by shopping in my closet picking any container that might hold ornaments or other decorative items.  Here's what I came up with.


These are the supplies I gathered.  I'm sure I won't use all of them but it's helpful to try different pieces as I go.  The majority of glass containers are the same height so I'll show you a little trick I learned to help add some dimension.

I found little bowls in my cupboard that I turned upside down, covered with white fabric (fabric napkins) and placed the glass containers on top which added dimension to the height.

This year I chose to keep the colour scheme pretty tight so I picked my apple green and silver ornaments.  I tried to add interest by picking different sized ornaments but that was only in the silver coloured ones.  I think I'll work on adding to the apple green collection with some patterned ornaments and also trying to find different sizes.  

I tried to make sure that I did not put containers next to each other that were the same height so the bowls under the napkins came in really handy.  I also tried to make sure I put the green ornaments in spots throughout the arrangement.  That helps the eye to move all around the arrangement without getting stuck in one place.  I also tried to remember to use odd numbers and ended up using three candles, three containers with green ornaments and three containers with silver ornaments.  I would like to add some fake snow to some of the containers but I think I got rid of what I had so I'll need to pick some up.  Until then have some fun shopping in your own closet and decorating your own tables.  

Happy closet shopping!


  1. Looks very nice sis! Colours, heights, and diff. textures all add great interest. I really am a sucker for that apple green and silver myself. We must be related!

  2. oh ya, shopping in your own closet is the best!