Painting Baseboards with Carpet

I had a great time painting my boys' room but I had some serious hesitation about painting the base boards.  I was too impatient to prepaint the base boards before having our super awesome construction guy install them.  I paid for it in the end because it was a real pain to have to paint them after they were installed.  I googled how to paint base boards with carpet but didn't really come up with much.  I took all of the bits and pieces of info and came up with this method.  It's not fool proof and I ended up having a couple of spots where paint bled onto the carpet.  It's ok though because we have so much furniture in that room that I knew it would be covered up.  Here's how I did it.

blue painters' tape
scraper thing

Line the top edge of the painters' tape along the bottom edge of the base board.

Tuck the edge of the painters tape under the base board using the flat tool.  Make sure about a 1/4" of the tape is under the base board so paint does not find its way onto the carpet.

Paint away! I found it helped if I loaded my brush and started painting in the middle of the base board rather than at the bottom along the paint.  That way I could spread out the paint and control it close to the carpet.

Take the tape off while the paint is still wet.  I find that waiting until the paint is dry and then pulling off the tape can cause some of the paint on the base board to come off with it.  It just seems to work better for me to pull the tape off when the paint is still wet.

What painting projects are you working on?

Happy painting everyone!

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