Friday Fabulous - 10 things Holiday edition

10 Things - Holiday edition

1.  chai nog
2.  traveling ALL the way to Canada for Christmas!  I'm so excited I can't stand it!
3.  dreaming of a white Christmas and knowing it might actually happen
4.  being able to break out the long sleeves...every now and then
5.  Christmas movies - White Christmas, Christmas in Connecticut, Christmas with the Kranks
6.  starting family traditions for my very own little family
7.  Christmas crafts - there are FAR too many to do before the season is over!
8.  spending time with family, just being together
9.  mittens & scarves
10.Christmas twinkle lights everywhere


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  1. Nana & Papa Buxton11/19/11, 12:01 AM

    Aren't you looking forward to American Thanksgiving?

    We are in California for the winter and SO LOOKING FORWARD to thanksgiving dinner..........the start of Christmas in the USA