Friday Fabulous - Pinterest Love

I was a slow starter where Pinterest was concerned partly because I didn't just want to jump on every band wagon coming along and partly because I kept forgetting to check it out.  About a month ago I decided to check it out and, well, it's my new favourite thing!  I know, I know.  That sounds like such a cliche.  It's tempting to pin everything that strikes my fancy but I've decided to pin carefully - only those things that I LOVE LOVE!  Yep, you read it.  LOVE LOVE is reserved for things that are totally amazing!  My sister and I started using this term while shopping and asking each other if we LOVE LOVEd the particular item enough to buy it.  My boards are developing slowly and I'm enjoying seeing what my friends are interested in.  I'm being inspired in so many new ways!  Here are a few of my favourite pins from this week.

from ithinksew.com

from confessionsofaplateaddict.blogspot.com

from madebygirl.blogspot.com

 from polyvore.com

There you have it.  Just a few pins from this week.  Um...I think I'm going to go hunting for more great things to pin!  Happy pinning everyone.

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