Fall Decorating - front door dreaming

There's just something fun about decorating for the seasons and holidays.  I guess the appeal is a carry over from when I was teaching and we marked many milestones by special events.  I must admit that my fall decorating has taken a bit of a back seat this year but that hasn't stopped me from checking out some fun ideas.  In an ideal world my front door would be dressed right up.  Since this is not ideal, I thought I'd show you a sweet idea I came across last year.


I saw this  picture on a blog last fall and thought it was quite darling.  I'm always a sucker for black urns and pair those with a black door and I'm in a little bit of heaven.  The monogrammed door mat is a great finishing touch.  Click here for instructions on how to put together these great pumpkin topiaries.

How is your fall decorating coming?

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