Ikea Here We Come!

One of my favourite places to shop is Ikea partly because the distance from my home makes it an automatic shopping "destination" instead of a shopping "stop-in for a quick look."  Also, partly because of the sheer number of items, great and small, to look at and dream about that are within the very limited budget I'm working with. Totally LOVE that! 

Little dude and I decided that Saturday was a perfect day for a shopping trip to Ikea as there were a few items that I was hoping to pick up for various projects I want to do.  We were working on a bit of a timeline because nap time was looming so we went straight to the Marketplace, foregoing the meandering walk through all of the showrooms.  Hubs was away for the weekend so it was just me and squirt, who thoroughly loved his first experience in the child-seat of the cart. 

Oh, and by-the-way, whoever invented those shopping carts must not have taken them around the store for very long because I was a in a constant battle to keep the thing rolling straight.  Hmmm...maybe they need to look at that.  Nevertheless, we found all of the goodies on the list and a cute little mat for the kitchen to boot!  Here is a pic of most of my finds.

The picture rail, at the top of the photo, is for another project that I'll show in the coming weeks but I'm super excited about adding it to my decor!  Also, I just love love the price - $14.99.  Totally do-able! 

I have a window and french doors in my living room so I bought the white curtains to see if they would work in my space.  TOTALLY do!  They have a linen texture without the linen wrinkles or linen price.  I love love them!  I just need to go back and pick up another pair.  I've got a fun project in mind for them too but I'm still on the hunt for one last part so it may be a bit before it's done. 

The picture frame is one of my favourites EVER!  Ikea is genius in that they have a line of frames in white, black or silver in many different sizes that all coordinate.  I really like seeing mismatched frames on the wall but the organized side of me finds matching frames so peaceful and appealing.  Also, hubs prefers matching frames as well so Ikea's the place for us!  I can't wait to show you what I have cooked up for the picture frame.  Soon enough, soon enough. 

Oh, and who can resist Ikea's 100 tea lights for $3.99?  Totally in my budget!!  All in all, it was a very successful trip and I am SO looking forward to adding some homey-ness to our home!  Why didn't I do this sooner?

Where do you find tried-and-true items for your home?

..... one more thing... just because he is SO adorable (if I do say so myself), here is little dude in his first Ikea shopping cart EVER!  He was so proud!  The blurry feet show just how excited he was!  Oh, and their handy-dandy waist strap fit snuggly around even my skinny-minny dude.  Totally love that!

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