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The start of a new year is always exciting.  I think one of the most irresistible things about it is the possibility of a fresh start.  I'm definitely taking that approach with my home.  It's a modest (some would say small) size - 1500 sq. ft in all, but it's very efficiently laid out.  The four bedrooms, two on each end, are on the smaller side but they hold fun possibilities.  The kitchen is pretty much closed off to the rest of the house but the dining area and living room are open and airy.  In an ideal world we would knock down the walls closing off the kitchen and open the place right up but my hubby and I are working to get out of debt so that remains a far-off dream.  That's ok though because our little house is ours.  We moved into it together after we were married and we had our first child in it.  Best of all, it's ours and I wouldn't change that for anything.  What I would change though is the decor.  BLEH!  It does not reflect our style at all.  Actually, it probably does reflect a style...the "I-don't-care" style which is NOT what I want people to feel when they come into our home.  So, this year is a year of possibilities.  I've got a laundry list of things I want to do, change, paint and maybe even build.  Do I think they'll all get done?  Probably not because like I said, we are trying to get out of debt, little dude is a busy 9 month old and I work out of our home 30 hours a week.  It's going to be a slow transformation but I'm so ready for the challenge.  My mind has been racing and I'm itching to get started.  There are some fun projects ahead and I am looking forward to stretching some of my creative muscles again.  There might even be a sewing tutorial or two!  YAY!

So to start it all off, I'm going to slowly tackle little dude's room.  We painted it before he was born but that's about it.  To be honest, I couldn't decide how I wanted to decorate it. As I've gotten to know little dude, rugby stripes just seem to fit.  I'm not big into themes but I love the bold colors and collegiate style.  It brings back great memories from university days when my sis and I would watch her hubby play rugby on rainy Saturdays.  My hubby is a great photographer so I'll probably use some of his work.  And I've got a couple of fun projects up my sleeve.  I also realized that my posts have been seriously lacking in the picture department so I think I'll start to change that today.  Here are some of the things that are inspiring me right now.

I love LOVE this rug!

The clean look of this organized space makes me feel all warm inside!  I love LOVE!

These canvas buckets are just the right combo of function and fun!  Totally love LOVE these!
*all photos courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids.

Where did you find your inspiration for decorating your child's room?

... one more thing.  Stay tuned for pictures of little dude's room before we get started!

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