Friday Fabulous - Birthday

Sweet Hubby - flowers, a note AND a thoughtful card.  He is so eloquent.  Just the words I needed to hear...”I picked you...”

Sorry for the poor cell phone quality photo.  Hubs wanted to get me dahlias but the florist didn't have any.  Instead she added other "spiky" flowers.  Oooo-kaaay.  I just can't get over that my sweet man knew dahlias were one of my faves!

Loving Family & Friends - dinner, heartfelt words, gift cards for shopping.  Can we say hel-lo Spring clothing!

Yummy cake - red velvet, smooth buttercream, ‘nuf said!

Such a humbling and honoring day!  I am blessed beyond measure to have so many dear people in my life (near and far).  Thank you for making my 35th birthday (shhh...don’t tell) a truly splendid day! 

It’s trickled over to today and has helped to make Friday fabulous too!

… one more thing … I heard a little rumor that cake is calorie free on your birthday so I didn’t hold back.  Yes, I did have two pieces of birthday cake and boy were they both de-li-cious!

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  1. I didn't know dahlia's were one of your fave flowers! Mine too, ya know! I'm so glad you get to break out the spring clothes. I'm still waiting to break out the reefs!