Happy New Year

Well, it's been a very busy couple of weeks, as you can see by my lack of posting.  I'm super excited about the new year and about getting our house organized and decorated.  I almost started to take down my Christmas decorations but I had a special request from my hubby to keep them up until New Years was over.  How could I deny that?!

I have so many fun ideas coming but I'm going to have to pace myself.  On the list is finishing my little dude's room (finally).  Maybe I'll get it done before his first birthday... in March.  Yikes!

Also on the list is clearing out the spare bedroom, aka dumping grounds, since there's no more room to walk in there.  I'm kinda excited about what we are going to find (maybe my missing recipe folder that had ALL of my family Christmas baking recipes in it).  That'd be so nice!

I've also got a few other projects up my sleeve that are going to need to percolate in my brain a little longer.  My goal this year is to be realistic with how I organize my home and work at our strengths while finding workable solutions for our weaknesses.  I'll just say now, paper is the bane of my existence!  We've lived in our house, together, for three years and it does not reflect our style.  I am so excited to finally make it feel like a home complete with pictures on the walls.  I know right?!  It's pretty pathetic!

My hubby is a great photographer and has taken some amazing photos so I'm also looking forward to showcasing his work.  I've got some darling pics of little dude that are calling out to be printed and framed.  For now, I'll leave you with a little question... what are you excited about for this fresh, new year?

...one more thing - have a safe and happy New Year!

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