Baby Shower, Surprise Visitors & a New Addition

Well, it's been almost four months since my last post and you may be wondering where on earth I've been.  I didn't intend to take such a long break but things got busy and I quickly realized that my full attention needed to be on getting ready for our newest addition.  Since little E has arrived we have been learning to live life as a family of four.  That has had some challenges and I didn't know that I could be even more sleep deprived than I already was!  But, in spite of the challenges we persevered and have now started to come out of the sleep deprived fog.  Can I just say that it feels great to have a few hours of sleep at night uninterrupted?!

One of the highlights from before little E's arrival was the AMAZING baby shower my family threw for me.  It was PERFECT, beautiful and something I would have admired had I seen it in a magazine or on a blog.  They truly outdid themselves.  The most amazing part was that my two sisters were flown in to surprise me and to attend the shower.  WOW!  I could tell you that I was super excited but I'll be honest, I totally screamed when I saw them in my in-laws' livingroom.  It went WAY beyone super excited!  You see, I haven't seen my sisters in person since Christmas so it was beyond amazing to see them...in my in-laws' living room!  From "the surprise visit" and the shower until little E's birth it was a race to get loose ends tied up at work, boxes of baby clothes washed and our house tidied up.  We even hosted a super fun friend the week before little E's arrival which turned out to be so amazing because she was able to stay with little C while we were at the hospital.  Anyway...I could go on and on but instead I thought I'd share a few pictures of this ah-mazing shower and my special visitors.

all of my favourite treats

my sweet sisters-in-law & mother-in-law thought of every detail

the yummiest cake EVER

me - looking like I'm about to pop

My beautiful & amazing sisters.

Right now I'm working on putting up my gallery wall - again.  This time I left the picture ledges out and I'll explain why later.  I'm hoping to use them in the boys' room once I turn my attention back to that space.  Until then I'm working hard to use nap time to get my reworked gallery wall up.  I'm loving it SO much more but it's not quite done so you'll have to wait just a little longer for pictures.  I'm so excited about getting back to working on making our house more homey and organized in between baby snuggles and reading books to my sweet C of course. 

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