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So I've been excited to get back into some of my favourite blogs over the last couple of weeks.  The fun thing about blogs is that there are usually links to other fun blogs which usually leads to even more fun blogs and on and on.  Well, I started clicking and discovered some interesting new-to-me blogs.  I just couldn't help myself and I wanted to share some of my recent discoveries with you.  Clicking on the blog titles will take you straight to the goods.  I hope you are as inspired as I have been.

Nesting Place - It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful.  I can so relate to that statement.  I've particularly enjoyed looking at the transformation The Nester's home has gone through over the last couple of years (click on the home tour).  She has really put a personal stamp on her home - a rental home at that - while keeping things livable for her family.  That's right people... she's got 3 boys.   

from Nesting Place

What She Wore 365 - just because I need new inspiration for my wardrobe.  Did I ever mention that when I married Mr. D I moved from a place that had four distinct seasons to a place that has two real seasons...warm/hot and cool?  Half of my wardrobe was instantly unnecessary.  It's taken me four years to figure out how to dress in this new climate (I actually got tired of wearing flip flops...scandalous, I know!) and I've finally started to wrap my brain around it so I'm excited to get shopping.  That and we have some kickin' outlets down the way that are calling my name!

ThirtySomethingFashion - I haven't spent too much time getting into this blog's past posts but I was instantly intrigued because the poster was pregnant.  That's where I'm at right now ... not necessarily pregnant but definitely in mommy land and I'm always looking for new inspiration that says "fun, stylish, and able to run after a two year old."  I'll be checking this blog out for sure.

You really must check out these great blogs ... you just must!  Happy clicking everyone and have a wonderful weekend!

...one more thing...what blogs are you following these days?

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