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Hey everyone!  Things have been moving right along over here.  It seems that each week goes by and the living room to-do list keeps growing!  We will get back to talking about my design process, I promise!  But for now,  I'm super excited about a little project I'm working on in the living room.  It's not quite ready to be unveiled but I'll give you a little hint while I work hard on the finishing touches.

This little package was one of the highlights of my week!  My photos are here!!!  Snapfish is one of my go-to websites for photo processing.  They frequently have sales and specials that are too great to resist.  I once had 100 4x6 prints done for the cost of shipping (about $3.00).  Wahoo!  Oh, and I compared the cost of my order with Walgreen's online photo processing and Snapfish was able to do it for half the cost.  I always LOVE a deal!   You've got to check the website out for sure.

Speaking of websites, check out One More Thing on facebook!  I always love to hear from my readers!


...one more thing... check out picnik for free photo editing - super fun!

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