Main Bathroom Makeover

Last week I shared with you my master bathroom makeover/reno.  Mr. D and I had SO much fun that we decided to renovate our main bathroom too.  It had some of the same challenges as the master bathroom...

- lowered ceiling above the bathtub/shower.  Instead of cozy, the shower felt like a cave in spite of the white tile.

- a tub that didn't drain well.  Ok, so we probably could have fixed it or something but hey, this was my chance...bring on the soaker tub!!

- towel rack attached inside the shower stall

- pressboard with fake laminate wood vanity

I think the dog had even chewed on the corner when he was a puppy.  This bad boy vanity had seen better days and there was no salvaging it!

You can see how small the bathroom is in the first photo.  Everything is pretty much right beside each other so we wanted to try to make it feel a little more spacious even if we couldn't actually add square footage.

We created the feeling of space by putting white subway tile in the tub/shower surround all the way to the ceiling.  That not only draws the eye upward giving the illusion of height but also reflects light from the window into the space.  It actually gives this space the best natural light in the whole house.

We switched out the vanity with a pedestal sink to add to the feeling of more space.  We were mindful of storage space so we added a train rack to hold towels, a double towel rack across from the sink and a glass shelf under the mirror for toothbrushes and other essentials.  The pedestal sink also has a wide flat ledge around it perfect for holding a soap pump or hand towel.

I can't believe I almost forgot my FAVOURITE part of this remodel...it's definitely the soaker tub complete with adjustable jets.  Mr. D had some specific wants for the master bath so it was my turn to dream big.  We had to replace the old tub because it was not draining well and since everything was torn out already we decided to go for the soaker tub!  I was worried that it would be too long but we squeezed it in with NO space to spare!  Literally...no extra space at all!

Now guests feel like they are at the spa whenever they come to visit.  Wait...now I feel like I'm at the spa!  Heavenly!

Not the best shot but you get the idea.

We had a great time making this our other dream bathroom come true!  Ok, so it may not be my ULTIMATE dream bathroom but it's pretty special in it's own right!  I am excited to continue the remodeling we started three years ago!


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