Decor 101 - What's the vibe?

Photo from my honeymoon in the Bahamas.
Happy Tuesday!  Thursday?! 

Isn't it amazing how time just seems to fly right on by?!  Life can get so hectic and demanding but one thing I've realized is that down-time, for me, is like a breath of fresh air.  Mr. D has a very demanding job with no set schedule so when things ramp up for him, we slip into non-essential mode.  The thing is, I've come to learn that even in non-essential mode I need to have a creative outlet.  That's why I've taken on adding some style to our home.  Thinking and planning is where I recharge and, well, it's just plain fun.  So I'm excited that you've joined me as I begin this slow but exciting process.  

Photo from the Bahamas

Are you picking up part of the theme yet?

Getting started:

What's the vibe?

Starting a whole-house project like this is very daunting and for my detail-oriented mind it can get down right overwhelming.  The first thing I usually do is think about what vibe I want the space to have.  Since it's our own home, that means talking with Mr. D and then thinking about what I want people to feel when they come visit.  Mr. D is pretty relaxed about things and because he has such a crazy-busy job he really likes/needs to relax.  Often, Saturdays are sleep in/watch movies/play with little dude kind of days so it's safe to say our life is pretty casual.  Mr. D is also very sentimental and connected to his family so I'm excited to bring that element into our home.  I'm not really sure what that's going to look like yet but I know we'll come up with something fab. 

One of my favourite places is the beach and since we live in beach vacation land I thought it would be fun to give our home a beachy vibe.  I'm talking more Nantucket-ish, not so much South Beach.  I also have a more "classic" side to me that my sis-in-law likes to call Preppy.  No matter how hard I try I always go back to it (yes, little dude has a few brighthly coloured polos...) because it was influenced by my low-key West Coast upbringing.  The fun challenge will be to find just the right mix of Nantucket beachy and West Coast polished.  Yep, those are definitely the technical terms and I think I've got my work cut out for me!

Next time we will talk about inspiration but for now here are a few pictures that I'm loving.

* photos courtesy of Coastal Living

...one more thing - Don't you just love all of the bold fabrics?  I'm  loving the bold stripes and I just might need to keep my eyes open for fabric for my space. 

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