Closet Shopping - Christmas Decorating

Shopping.  Who doesn't love it?  The anticipation, great sales, finding that perfect item.  I do have some friends who prefer to spend as little time shopping as humanly possible but that's NOT me.  I really enjoy the hunt most of all I think.  Finding that perfect item is a great accomplishment and then to find it on sale or to get a great deal makes the experience over the top.  Looking at the before picture of my living room gave me an idea.  Christmas is fast approaching so any extra funds are going to Christmas gifts and food for various celebrations so I don't have any green stuff to put towards sprucing up my buffet.  But, that's OK because I quickly heard my sister's voice ringing in my ear saying "I love to shop but I love LOVE to shop in my own closet more!"  That gave me an idea.  I am going to go shopping in my closets and see what I can come up with to add a little sparkle and Christmas cheer to that corner of the house.

Things I'm looking for:  glass containers of various heights and sizes, unused ornaments, fake snow, little white lights, lamps and anything else that strikes my fancy (I think I've got a feather boa wreath hanging around somewhere).  

One more thing ... there's no right or wrong way to put things together.  All that matters is that it's pleasing to your eye!  Here's something I came across that inspired me to try a little closet shopping of my own.

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Before - gathering supplies

After: I couldn't find my fake snow.  I think there is a box of Christmas decorations MIA so I'll have to look and see what I can find.  Also, I think my display needs a little filler but this is all I have so it'll have to work for this year.  I'm going to keep my eyes open for some great looking greenery after Christmas and see if I can get a great deal.  All in all, I love love the effect the decorations have in bringing some sparkle to that little corner.


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