Let's Get Started

Not a creature was stirring...

It's 7:25am and I'm the only one up in the house. Little dude is sleeping soundly and big dude is catching some zzz's as well. Hmmm...where does my mind go when all is quiet and I can actually hear my own thoughts? This morning it went to my home. I'd love for my mind to linger there, peacefully enjoying my surroundings but not this morning. It quickly moved on to all of the clutter. UGG! That battle is an ongoing one and I just can not seem to get the upper hand. Well, I've decided today that I'm not going to let the clutter win any more. I am so excited to get started but I'm a little overwhelmed as to where to start (it ALL needs attention, and by all I mean ALL). I guess I'll just start with what I can see from where I sit on my comfy couch. There are Christmas boxes lined up, decorations that have yet to find a place, laundry in baskets and baby things all over. It's amazing how much stuff we can accumulate - phew. I am filled with anticipation for the day when I can sit on my comfy couch and look around at an organized and pleasing-to-look-at space. I can just see it now...ahhh...so peaceful. Let the games begin!

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