Living Room Progress Report

Well, here we are again.  So much has happened in the last week-and-a half that I don't know where to start.  Mr. D decided to take a week off work and start getting ready for our room switch-er-roo but little did I know that the week would end in us ripping, well Mr. D ripping off all of the old molding in the boys' new room.  Phew, it's been a whirlwind of painting, sanding, filling and moving junk stuff from one room to another. Not only that, but Mr. D felt so enthusiastic that he wanted to get our bedroom painted too!  WOW!  I'll post more about these transformations at a later time but let's just say they have been up to three years in the making.  THREE years people.  The hilarious thing is that Mr. D up and decided that he wanted to get it ALL done in one weekend...with a toddler running around... and a pregnant wife who can't really bend in the middle anymore.  Needless to say, we pressed on and it's almost done.  Almost!  I can't wait to show the boys' room but that will have to wait for another time.  We are still waiting on some trim work to be finished. 

OC-16 Cedar Key by Benjamin Moore 
Instead, let's turn our attention to the almost forgotten living room.  This living room update has been a long couple of months in developing.  Actually, it's been almost two years in the making.  You see, we painted one singular wall of the living space a wonderful and warm colour called Cedar Key by Benjamin Moore just over two years ago before little D was born.  It was delightful and made the room start to feel just a touch brighter.  

The other three walls were the old olive, no, pea soup green.  Now, I have nothing against pea soup green but this particular shade was making our house feel like a cave. We're talking DARK people!!!  I actually like the opposite of dark in my home.  I'm a bring on the bright sun, open the curtains and turn on the lights kind of gal.  So, fast forward to last weekend and you can understand my surprise when Mr. D suggested that we paint the living room ALL Cedar Key.  I did a little happy dance inside and ran for my paintbrush.  Well, its done and it looks wonderful.  It's bright, cheery and makes our chocolate sofas pop.  It makes things that much more exciting to update because the "envelope" of the room provides a great foundation.  The carpet is another story.  We won't go there.

The picture on the left is very similar to the two chocolate coloured sofas we have in our space...minus the very interesting throw pillows.

Part of the reason why things have been dragging a little is that I've been very indecisive picking fabrics for throw pillows and the ottoman.  I'm not really sure why choosing fabrics has been a sticking point for me because fabric is a realm that I'm really comfortable with.  I think it's because there are so many great fabrics and patterns out there now that its so difficult to narrow down the choices.  I think I've narrowed it down to the fabrics I really love...for now anyway.  Here's what I'm looking at.

1.  white curtains - Ikea
2.  zigzag pillow - source unknown
3.  wide stripe pillow - Potterybarn
4.  damask fabric - fabric.com

I'm still wavering about colour but I've always loved the crispness of light silvery blue with white.  I'm also really into wide stripes because I think they add an element of fun.  I'm not sure I'm going to find the exact fabric I want to I will probably have to piece things together to make the stripes I want.  I'm still debating the fabric choice for the ottoman because little D plays there ALL the time.  Right now, the pleather is extremely easy to clean so I need to keep that in mind.  There are so many more elements but I have to pace myself.  I get so tired these days so my new "mantra" is one thing at a time.  Right now I'm shifting my focus to getting the painting and finishing done.  After that, we're back in business in the living room and those pesky curtain rods will be the first to go up! 

Until then, happy painting or fabric picking or whatever projects you are working on.  Oh, and I'd love to hear about them so drop me a line and tell me ALL about them.


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  1. Any suggestions as to what to do with the wall that is falling apart in my living room? Haha! Secretly I'm hoping that wood panelling falls right off. I'll keep you posted on that. So excited to see the pics of your goings on!

    love you sis