Impromptu Break

Two months ago life was just beginning to get really interesting (and really busy).  As my last post before this impromptu teeny, tiny break suggests I was getting all ready for Christmas.  It was going to be the BEST Christmas in a long while.  Our little family of three was traveling across the country to spend the holiday with my family and I was especially excited for little D to really get to know ALL (9) of his cousins for the first time since, well, ever.  I was so nervous about the flight and how little D would do but I was armed with my back-pack-of-goodies.  The flight went well and little D slept through good chunks of both flights but I thought it was weird that he didn't really eat anything.  I just reassured myself that flying kinda threw off his little tummy.  We waited at the airport for our ride and it quickly became clear as to why little D hadn't eaten.  Looking back we realized that he was probably ill before we left but hadn't shown any signs.  That was just the beginning...that flu spread to Mr. D (since he held little D most of the flight time) and then to each one of my sister's family members one by one.  As each person started falling ill we crossed our fingers that we would all be healthy by Christmas Day.  I'll spare you the details...nobody needs to know those...but I will say that once the flu was done a nasty cold set in.  We ended up bringing it home with us, our little family of three, with matching antibiotics to boot!  Whew!  It was the most eventful Christmas and it flew by way too fast.  The rest of January was spent recovering and getting back to regular life in this time zone.  Oh, and on top of it all, we are expecting little boy #2 in June so that added just a tad to my ability to harbour that nasty cold.  Everything together made for one tired mamma so I made sure that rest and getting better were at the top of the list before anything else.  Unfortunately, my blog took a back seat but I'm excited to say that I'm back!

I wish I had pictures to share but that also took a back seat so I'll leave you with some of my nursery ideas instead.  How fun is THAT - 1 room, two boys and countless new ideas!  I can't wait to get started.  And then, jump back to the living room to continue what I've started there.  And then jump over to the kitchen - Mr. D discovered the Food Network and now we have added our kitchen to the decorating to-do list.  Things may seem a little scattered and bounce from place to place but stick with me!  It'll be fun for sure!  

Here are those boy's room ideas (I know some of these pics are girly but trust me, my room will be FAR from girly).  I'm thinking a really great pale, warm grey for the walls - something like this from madebygirl.blogspot.com .

These stripes by teamturnbow are a possibility and the lime/turquoise accents are definitely worth exploring.

Add a little navy with pops of lime green and turquoise.  Something like this would be fun but I think I'll look for something other than polka-dots.  Check out more pics from this room at babylifestyles.com .

This navy carpet is wonderful and would add such a great graphic element to the room.  I love the coral accents too but that will have to wait for another time and another room.  Head over to sarah catherine design to check out more fabulous pics of this great room.

Well, these are a few ideas that have been rolling around in my mind's eye.  I am so excited to get started but there are a few things that need to happen first.  We are switching our home office with the boys' room so we will be cleaning, organizing and packing before paint goes on the walls.  It's going to be so hard to wait but it'll be worth it in the end. 

Happy decorating everyone!

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